Circle of Life Trilogy

Life on a Seesaw              ISBN:  978-1-60702-921-2  


 Also available is the Audio CD for Life on a Seesaw  ISBN: 978-1-4507-5851-2

      On a seesaw, the fleeting moments in balance are the most exhilarating. High drama for youthful explorers. Precarious getting there. Splendid when achieved. Good practice for life.

       Life on a Seesaw Volume III is the result of our efforts to capture the teetering tottering moments we have experienced individually and together over time. To this end we have, to the best of our abilities and talents, used our wit, our power, our strength, our finesse to create moments of equilibrium for our readers.

    If we have succeeded, from afar we will sense your screams and pleas as you relate to our truthful images on these pages. We will hear your sincere “Ooooooo” of pleasure as we connect in moments of balance.

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