Circle of Life Trilogy

 Scattered Rainbows     ISBN: 978-1-60702-920-5

  Also available is the Audio CD for Scattered Rainbows  ISBN: 978-1-60702-923-6


      Scattered Rainbows is the second volume in the Circle of Life Trilogy.  With multicolored visual images and word-pictures, artist Carol Funke and poet/author Patricia A. Oplinger continue their inventive journey.

     Rainbows are optical effects that depend on the position of the viewer. So it is with this book. This duo weaves the refractions of family and friends and the reflections of their lives into a luminous set of moods and events. They depict the color each of us can choose to find in everyday circumstances.

     The combination of their experiences, their white light, emerges from their creative spaces to form collaborative illusions and uncommon viewpoints they joyfully disperse to their readers.

     As a follow up to In the Playhouse of My Mind (ISBN: 978-1-60402-885-0) Carol and Pat share how they manage to hurdle roadblocks and weather life's sudden showers by focusing on the scattered rainbows they meet along the way.

     Their goal for Scattered Rainbows is to help others make the rainbow connections in their own lives.


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