Circle of Life Trilogy

 In the Playhouse of My Mind    ISBN: 978-1-60402-885-0


Also available is the AUDIO CD for In the Playhouse of My Mind   ISBN: 978-1-60702-922-9



In the Playhouse of My Mind's intention is to evoke specific visual, tactile and emotional insights about feelings. In this collaboration of media, artist Carol Funke, and poet Patricia A. Oplinger, report what they have absorbed sensually over the years.

Through the power of word-pictures and visual art, their images help onlookers stay in the scene while discovering unexpected nuances within. Sensitive to life's experiences, Carol and Pat record their deepest truths and pass along their passion for life to family and peers.

Creativity and the sharing of that creativity is the loving circle this book chooses to trace. Dwelling in the playhouse of one's mind is a survival technique available to anyone at any age. Its results trickle down to touch the world.

The goals of In the Playhouse of My Mind are to extend to their audience images that impart wisdom and to encourage others to release their own creativity.


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